Changing Metric Units

The main idea of Lesson 8-6 is changing units within the metric system.


Download and print the chart for your students.

PowerPoint Presentations
Many people have created some great powerpoint presentations and have put them online for you to download. Go to Google and click on Advanced Search. Put in your search terms, such as metric conversions. Change the file type to Microsoft PowerPoint. Then click on Advanced Search. You'll get several hits. Click on View as HTML to get an idea of the content in the powerpoint. When you find the one you want click on it to download it. Here's good one:


Metric Conversion Lesson
This contains a nice illustration or graphic that shows the prefixes and instructions for converting from one unit to another. This is not a game but a very good lesson on changing metric units.

Interactive Games:
Quia - Metric Length Columns
This game has 2 columns (like on a mansion) with metric length units. Students will draw lines from one unit to another. Ex. 4500 cm = 45 m.

Metric Length Ordered List
Students will compare the varying lengths and order them from least to greatest. They must be able to convert between mm, cm, and m.

Metric Length Pop-Ups
Complete the correct mathematical statement. Ex. 3 meters = ___ cm

Metric Millionaire
This is a wonderful review of changing metric units using length, mass, and capacity in story problems!

Metric Problem Solving Pop-Ups
This is another great review of length, mass, and capacity in story problems.

Converting Metric Units
This is the AAA Math site which always starts with a study guide then follows with practice quizzes. These are very good, however, they show metric units in fractions (ex. 1/100). Students may understand that better but you should follow up with the decimal forms of those fractions.