Discovery Streaming Videos
Meters & the Metric System (3:50)
This video segment is a great introduction to the prefixes and to measuring length.

How Stuff Works
Lengths In The Metric System (2:37)
This is a video showing how to measure using a ruler and convert the measurement.

You Tube Videos

Metrics and Standard Measurement
This would be a good video to show when introducing the Metric System to your class.

American Chopper Video
This would be a good video to use just to get heads in the room. Somewhat funny. (2:31)

Basics of the Metrics System
This guy will give you some good strategies for teaching metrics.

Well, YouTube is blocked in our district! Problem!! Here's a couple of ways around that.
1. Show it from your computer. It isn't blocked for teachers.
2. Download the video. Then you'll be able to show it independently of the Internet. You can insert it into a flipchart or Keynote or just show it by itself.