The main idea of lesson 8-3 is measuring in metric units.
Vocabulary: meter, metric system, millimeter, centimeter, kilometer

Interactive Games:
Measure It!
This is a game on FunBrain where students measure a line along a centimeter ruler. There are three levels: easy, medium, hard. Sixth graders should start with the medium level and should conquer the hard level after a little practice. The hard level is measuring lines to the nearest millimeter.

Length Strength: Centimeters
This might be a great place to start your study of measuring with centimeters. Move the ruler to the object to come up with the best measurement.

Metric Scavenger Hunt
Print out the activity sheet for each group. Students must find objects in the classroom that match the lengths given. The partner checks each object with their metrics ruler.

Estimating Metric Length
Use the ruler to measure the length of the line.

Metric Olympics Activity
This is an activity that could be used along with the Human Body unit in science. Students can participate in the Metric Olympics; then create charts and graphs using Numbers using the data collected. Students could find percentages using classroom data as well.