Check out these flipcharts on Promethean Planet. Of course, making your own flipcharts to match your textbook will be the most ideal.

Metric Measurement
This flipchart introduces students to converting metric measurements by simply moving the decimal point. Opportunities for student participation are included, as is an end-of-lesson assessment.

Metric Conversions

The teacher will use this flipchart to review metric conversions. The students will demonstrate their ability to convert metric units.

Metric Measurement: Length

This metric measurement flipchart contains instructions and interactive activities on millimeters, centimeters, meters and kilometers.

Converting Metric Measurement

Students will know: *Customary and Linear Measurement Vocabulary. *How to use the conversion table for customary and metric units of length to convert units of measurement. *How to add and subtract units of length and convert if necessary.

Ruler Tool in ActivInspire
Change the profile to Mathematics in order to see your math tools. Or you can customize your toolbar and add the ruler to any of your profiles. Click on the little square icon in the center of your ruler. You can now change the top of your ruler to show centimeters and the bottom of your ruler to millimeters or inches if you want to compare. Use the pencil tool to draw a line along the ruler. Randomly draw some shapes and have students measure them in centimeters. Students at their seats can convert them to millimeters, meters, kilometers.